Polyclinic Services


  • Diagnosis (Patient Examination)
  • Examination and Treatment (When required, treatment arrangement according to EKG, ANT follow-up, examination demand and laboratory examination done)
  • Monitoring Chronic Illnesses
  • Health Report (for Employment and when needed for the activities such as sport, folk dances)
  • Transfer (When required, transfer to related polyclinic)

Dental Health Services


  • Ağız ve diş muayenesi
  • Treatment planning by digital x-ray, in mouth camera and vitalometer (device measuring teeth vitality).
  • Tartar cleaning with ultrasonic scalar device
  • All kinds of composite fill and tooth decay prevention treatment in children named fissure sealant, amalgam fill process
  • Regardless of having single or multiple tooth root, root canal operation to all teeth including the teeth having lesion
  • All kinds of tooth extraction (other than embedded wisdom tooth)

Nursing Services

  • Patient admission and registry
  • Preparation of monthly statistics of health services
  • First aid services
  • Treatment application in the direction of doctor's demand (IV, IM, SC, P.O, EKG, medical dressing…)
  • Operating, sterilization and disinfection control of dental clinic
  • Vaccine monitoring and applications
  • ANT (Fever, pulse and blood pressure) follow-up
  • Auditing of cafeterias and canteens in terms of health

Emergency Response Services

  • On emergency situations, first respond is realized by the doctor and nurses.
  • When needed, patient is transferred to our Health Center or to the closest health institution.

Laboratory Services

  • Bio-chemical analyses with auto-analyzer (28 parameter test)
  • Blood count and formula leucocytes (18 parametric+graphic)
  • Urinary Test
  • Parasitological Examinations (Defecate inspection and sellotape method)
  • Oral Glucose Tolerance Test
  • Sedimentation
  • Bleeding-Clotting Time
  • Blood Group
  • Pregnancy Test
  • Additionally, daily chlorine monitoring of campus water
  • Support to our students in taking blood during the studies and researches

Psychological Guidance and Counseling Services

In the interviews done with the purpose of psychological counseling systematic and professional level of assistance is provided to the counselees in the direction of determining and evaluating the problems; designating the required objectives in order to provide requested alterations in the thoughts and behaviors and to reach designated objectives; to search for the possibilities to have them understand, get to know and develop themselves better within the structures of thought; developing their skills in finding the most suitable solution ways for their problems.