International Undergraduate Students Having Government Funding

If expected duration of stay at IYTE: Complete Degree Program

We are so happy to have your interest in IzTech. Your education for the entire degree program is funded by your government, or any other agency supporting your education (e.g.charities, foundations, etc).You can find information on all undergraduate degree programs here: More detailed information about the contents of the courses can be found here: If you have decided to join an IzTech undergraduate degree program you are expected to fill in the e-forms at  Should you have any questions regarding the application for admission please feel free to contact Mrs.SedaTanış at the application is processed and you are granted admission, a letter (both snail mail and email) will be  sent you to inform you of your acceptance. Below you can find information about tuition, fees, visa requirements, health and residence issues.

Admission Requirements:

Language: A TOEFL score of at least 84 or equivalent is required for admission.

Academic tests: High school diploma, transcript, etc.

Tuition and fees for undergraduate students (for 2014-2015 academic year) :
This fee must be paid before the beginning of the semester at a university bank account. 


TuitionFeepersemester (TL)

Faculty of Engineering

387 TL

Faculty of Science

284 TL

Faculty of Architecture

387 TL



Health insurance :

Each student must be covered by a valid health insurance during his/her stay at IzTech. If he/she does not already have a health insurance from his/her home country then he/she will be required to urgently get one in Turkey. The Registrar’s Office will provide details as to which agency the student may purchase the insurance.

Visa requirements :

Please check with your local Turkish Embassy to make sure you have proper visa to travel to Turkey for study. You should have ample amount of validity period of your passport.

Residence permit :

Upon arrival at the campus, the students will have to apply for a residence permit with the İzmir Directorate of Security Office in Konak.

Housing :

There are many different student residences available. Usually they are filled two weeks before the classes start. Mrs.SedaTanış ( will help you with advance reservations.

Remarks :

When you arrive at IzTech, please do not forget to bring  the following documents with you:

  1. Financial competency (Official letter of support from your government or agency).
  2. Vaccination record
  3. High school diploma (must be approved by the Turkish Consulate in your country of residence)
  4. Transcript
  5. Passport
  6. Equivalency Document

Contact information :

For questions regarding application for admission to IzTech you may contact Mrs. SedaTanış at

+90 232 7506310